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Hey! I'm Fiona and I want to take a moment to say thank you for looking at my work. Before we get to know each other properly, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.




I grew up near Applecross in the Scottish Highlands (if you haven't been to that part of Scotland, you NEED to visit. It is THE most stunning place in the world) and moved to Glasgow in 2002.


I love everything about my job. It can sometimes look like an easy gig but there's a lot of work on a wedding day and behind the scenes - these are the challenges that I love the most and my experience gets its chance to shine.


If I hear Toto "Africa" being played, I WILL sing along.


Symmetry is one of my absolute favourite things ever. I can get so excited when I can incorporate this in to a wedding day, particularly during couple shoots.


I have had the pleasure of being featured on Braw Brides blog & in Tie the Knot Magazine.


I have a passion for travelling. Fun fact: Favourite place I've visited so far is Provincetown, Massachusetts.


I met my husband Gary whilst we were playing in a band. He is a huge support to me and my business. <3 We have a beautiful daughter called Amelia.


One on my favourite smells is eucalyptus - it immediately transports me back to my own wedding day in 2009.


I'm also a hugger! But don't worry, if you're not in to that, then no hug for you!


I am a Scottish wedding vlogger; offering advice that will (hopefully) help you with planning your wedding. Check out one of them below.


Did I mention that I have a SMALL obsession with fairy lights?


Top 10 FAQ's

currently: catching up on box sets

Time to tell me more about you!

So what's next? Well, it's really time to tell me all about what you are looking for. Drop me a message over on my contact page here. We can chat more about what you have planned and how I can photograph it.

“absolutely amazing”

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Alternative & romantic wedding photography for Glasgow, Edinburgh & beyond. I love a bit of social media. Always find out the latest by liking and subscribing on the platforms below.


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