don't ya just love 'em!?


Weddings are soooooo much fun & I love nothing more documenting them; from the moment you button up your gown, to when the beat drops. I love smiley happy faces and give everything I have to capture them perfectly.

You will have carefully planned all your details, all the ways for your guests to have the best day ever, and you want everything captured honestly & joyfully. This is what inspires my work. My passions are photographing the small details, catching a natural moment, creating emotional moments in wide landscapes.

I would say my approach is relaxed yet professional. I'll keep posed shots to a minimum and let the real moments happen.

Try and imagine yourself in my images and if you can, then we are off to a great start!



Alternative & romantic wedding photography for Glasgow, Edinburgh & beyond. I love a bit of social media. Always find out the latest by liking and subscribing on the platforms below.


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